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I was taken abroad and forced to marry someone from Germany. How do I get back to America?

I've asked this question but I only received some troll questions who thought I was faking.

I'm 25 years old and I was taken to Germany as a "vacation" and upon arrival, I was forced to marry someone my parents planned for me. I've been suffering in this unhappy marriage for quite some time. My husband is not a bad man actually but I dont quite love him. I feel bad for him because I feel like I'm wasting his time. He wants a child so I'm not allowed to take birth control. Although I secretly do. He does control me and I'm not allowed to go out. He doesnt have a job either so hes always at home and I feel suffocated. I really want to return back to America but my passport has been expired for a year now. I've been here for 2 years and 6 months now and I've had enough. I've reached my breaking point and talking to my husband wont do anything. I'm scared of contacting the embassy in fear of getting my family or husband into trouble. I also dont have phone service so I cant call them. I might have to email them. I'm hesitant to email them. Will they actually help me? Or bring police to my house and embarrass me in front of everyone? I just want to leave without my husband knowing. I dont know what to do and fear is holding me back. When I contact them, what do I say? How will they help me? What will they do?


I have no money. I do have $200 American dollars that I've brought with me but that's not enough for a flight home 

Update 2:

I do have relatives close by who can be dangerous if I'm spotted while trying to leave. I literally have only have 200 American dollars and I dont know anyone who can lend me money.. I did not have many friends and I've lost contact with all of them

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    Telling you that if your claims were true, you won't be allowed access to any device capable of posting to Yahoo Answers is NOT trolling.

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    Wrong. I've given you serious answers to this question at least twice. You're just refusing to listen.

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    What you should do is in steps.  The first one is just leave the house with as much money as you can.  The second step is take the train to a different country, such as Switzerland.  Once there, go to the embassy and ask for a passport and help contacting a friend you can back in the USA.  Use that friend to furnish you some money to buy a ticket and expenses.  Then get a ticket and fly to some place else in the USA or wherever you intend to go because you cannot really trust your friend.  You will have to hide.  The most important thing is to get as much money as you can carry.  You might try getting a credit card and use it for a loan.  People who are restrictive as you say they are will attempt to find you so any contact with anyone current will lead them to you.  

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