Gay dating question (introvert)?

I'm extremely introverted. This has been caused by years of childhood bullying which brought social anxiety into my adult life. Nonetheless i am getting older, and my biology is longing for companionship. Quarantine has exacerbated this. I am not on any social media besides WhatsApp to talk to the few people and co workers i already know. Other than that there is nothing. Grindr has brought me only bad and borderline dangerous experiences. Where can i socialize? I'm so lonely. Being gay in my country isn't illegal.... but it isn't exactly encouraged either.

Any others like me or anyone with advice can help? Thanking in advance

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  • 3 months ago

    The current situation (world wide) is terrible for most of us, whether or not we are "extremely introverted".  We are all (or should be) isolating.  Therefore your outlets are extremely limited at least until there is a vaccine or the pandemic is under control. Therefore in-person meetings are at the present time not only discouraged but in some places outlawed.  You're going to have to wait until this is all over before you start to socializing.  In the meantime, continue your video contacting through WhatsApp.  There's also another app that might be helpful.  Meetup is another way to meet people but I'm not sure if they are functioning at present.  Through Meetup you can get involved with people (not necessarily gay, but there are gay groups) who share an interest of yours.  For example there are Meetup groups who share an interest in books - murder mysteries, romance, etc., etc.  There are also Meetup groups who play chess and other board games.  There are groups who share an interest in drama and sports.  It's pretty much open, but at present you won't be meeting people in person.  But you can widen your network until the pandemic is under control.  I agree that Grindr and other dating apps can be dangerous and really not helpful in ending your feelings of isolation and loneliness.  There are religious organizations that welcome LGBTQ+ people, but maybe not in your country.  For the time being, you should know that your social isolation is keeping you safe and you can start to plan for ways to broaden your social life in the future. Try to be patient.  Groups like Meetup are probably good for people who are introverted.  You will get to know people before you actually have to meet them physically.  Good luck.  Try to keep positive about your life.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Get in some pre existing groups. The local gay community center, lgbt charities, maybe a pro lgbt church or meditation circle. See if there are any zoom meeting going on.

  • ?
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    3 months ago

    Try tinder, going to pride, drag shows, local gay groups, or bars. Hell you could even ask your friends or family if they know anyone who might be interested in going out with you. You might have to put yourself out there on a limb to see some results but it’s totally worth it cause one day it will pay off.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    What do you want from dating? sex? There are a lot of sex works all you have to do is communicate with

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