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tharapist said it sounds like i have panic disorder...any coping skills for night terror? i feel so alone?

also, is it common for ur vision to be slgihtly off when going trough a panic disorder? im medically healthy. also,important question,does depersonazltion often reisde with panic disorder? is there hope? im 26,male if it matters.its horrorfying fearing the next panic attack coming on...

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    Depersonalization is often a symptom that comes with high anxiety. Ask your therapist about grounding methods. There are very simple things called grounding methods that help with depersonalization. 

    I have information about anxiety in my answers. Treatments range from simple stress management to therapy and medication. Don't overlook stress management, which can help even with very bad anxiety. There’s stress advice in this -

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    Why do you tell such obvious lies?  If you are seeing a therapist then why are you asking here instead of asking them?

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    Read the New Testament until you fall asleep.  Start with the Gospel  of John.  Also, look up Philippians 4:6-8 (basically:   pray, count your blessings, think good thoughts.)  Ask Jesus to save you.  Determine to follow Him as best you can. 

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