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Why is she being like this?

I met up with a friend. We had some food at this joint. Things generally went alright except that she kept teasing me about how much money I make when I offered to pay for both of us. Then after the day was over, she texts me saying you didn't even notice my new motorcycle when we met up. I personally felt that was quite superficial and she normally wouldn't behave like this but then again she never had a motorcycle in the past. I said it's because I was focusing on her as a person and on our friendship. Even after my apology over something so superficial, she kept bringing it up as if I did something wrong, she was trying to make me feel guilty. Then she says something about the way ate at the joint, saying I ate like there's no tomorrow. And something about the way I dressed. 

Another time she also kept taking photos of me even though I clearly did not want to be photographed. I told her to delete the ones where I looked terrible because they make me uncomfortable. She said she would delete the unflattering ones but later that day she sent me every photo she took of me, including all the horrible ones with the awful lighting and where I looked terrible because of in the moment facial expressions/ half shut eyes. I know it's not important but I never felt comfortable


I was quite disappointed because she's not usually like this. I'm not sure if this is her real personally that she has covered up for years or if it's a one off thing but she just been like this lately for a while. 

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    maybe you need to ask her this question

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