Oily, but dry flaky forehead?

Okay, so use cetaphil face wash for normal skin, but the last 2 years every fall and winter my forehead gets very light pink dry patches that if you scratch it flakes, but my forehead is always oily? What is going on, and what can I put on my forehead? When I use moisturizer cream/lotion I get pimples! 

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  • Andy C
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    4 weeks ago
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    It's eczema or something much like that.  Your immune system is attacking your dry skin as if it were an infection. 

    Your skin dysfunction (not the eczema,  but worsening the eczema) stems from your regular diet containing sugars and white flour products on a regular basis,  likely daily or even multiple times a day.

    These things cause liver dysfunction when consumed regularly,  just like alcohol.   This in turn causes liver inflammation and then dysfunction that causes other organs to become dysfunctional. 

    Acne and most skin disorders are due to dysfunctional skin. 

    Diabetes II is due to the dysfunction occurring first in the pancreas. 

    Most heart disease is the CV system dysfunction first. 

    Hypothyroidism is the thyroid. 

    PCOS (women) are the ovaries. 

    Taster's choice!  Well, more accurately,  DNA's choice when confronted by liver dysfunction. 

    Most obesity is due to the liver dysfunction,  but more on the hormonal side (different mechanism).

    I bet you didn't expect a crash course in biochemistry when you asked!

  • 1 week ago

    You're from PA, you probably have hard water. I'm currently in Centre County and get the same thing only when I'm here.

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