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Why does the United Kingdom especially England have so many good musicians?

Seriously there are so many.

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    I agree! I love the Beatles, Adele, Rolling Stones, Ed Sheeran, Amy Whinehouse, all from the UK.

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    Funny how your chosen best answer didn't answer your question!  Anyway...

    The reason is simple:  It's because the UK is a free country that embraces artistic expression, that's why.  Throughout history, civilizations that encouraged artistic expression have been civilizations that made the headlines in the history books.  The cultural arts are just as powerful as military firepower in some ways.

    How many great musicians come from third world dumpsters and nations torn apart by constant civil war and political upheaval.  How many great musicians have Russia, Iran or North Korea produced in the last 70 years?  Exactly.  Without freedom of expression, there can be no great artists.

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    cause they got lucky

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