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What does it mean when you don't care or feel anything when your friend suddenly stops texting you?

My guy friend (who I guess I would consider my best friend) who I've been friends with for 6 years has been very distant lately and not caring much about what I text him. I would think if I knew someone for so long and cared about them, I would be at least a little bit worried or sad or something. But it's like nothing. I feel like that's pretty bad and maybe there's something wrong with me. I just want to hear some opinions :)

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    Nope. I assume u have had people leave ur life before or had an instance or so where u gave your all and the person took it for granted. Eventually, you stop begging people to tell u what wrong and think if they're dumb enough to leave, I'm smart enough to let them. The other time this happens is if you have been completely drained by taking care of yourself and/or others and trying to figure out why ur friend had gone ghost is not making it to the mental things to do list because ur brain drained. I see nothing wrong with it. There is too much turmoil in the world now. The onus is on him to reach back to you and tell you whats going on. I never chase 

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    It could be that he has his own stuff to deal with and it’s not personal to you but he just needs space at the moment. Or it could be that something you said or did offended him. Think back to when things were ok and what has happened between you since then. There’s no harm in just straight up saying to him you’re a bit worried and you hope everything is ok.

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    Best friends should be able to be nonchalant about rushing to send a text every 5 minutes without needing to worry if their friendship is in any doubt.

    By that, I mean. so what if he doesn't rush to text you back, it doesn't mean he isn't your friend any more, it means he isn't worried that if he doesn't text you back straight away, you will STILL be best friends.

    My definition of a best friend is someone who will always be there for you when you REALLY need them, not necessarily there when you want them.

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