Was he playing me or actually confused ?

So after three months I asked a guy what are we. He talked to me everyday several times a day up to this point. He said he had feelings for me but was kind of scared of a relationship because he got out of one. I felt really confused and some friends said take it slow so I did. Things got worse he wouldn’t make plans so I called him on it was over three weeks. He then finally came and saw me I didn’t force HimI just said hey if you don’t want to see me anymore and if there is nothing between us I’d like to know. Well after he came and saw me it got even worse and about two weeks later I said enough. Then we started seeing each other again (im trying to make this short.) what confuses me there was one time on the podcast he picked to listen too was talking about how undefined relationship were messed up. We went inside and he got all weird and extra affectionate. even held me more it was confusing as if he was trying to show me that he had feelings or butter me up. This bothered me because left me more confused. He would be supper affectionate one moment and distant the next. I snapped after he ignored me for 2 and a half days when he was out on a trip in nature. Yes I shouldn’t have but he texted me 30 min earlier. I texted him to see if he was okay again later. Days later just says how are you doing? I couldn’t take it anymore I tried to keep my cool but it just broke it for me. Told him I don’t deserve it. I feel bad I should have picked a better time I guess. 

2 Answers

  • 3 months ago

    You did the right thing, he is confused because he is still hung up on the last girl and he isn’t ready to be dating again and should be honest with himself and also other people about the fact that he’s not ready and he shouldn’t string people along 

  • 3 months ago

    Probably confused. If he's confused about how he feels, and if he leaves you feeling confused about how he feels, then it's probably best to let him go.

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