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Why did the church take so long to admit the earth was round when it was general knowledge for a long time? ?

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    First the bible isn't wrong, Jesus said at His coming there will be people at work in fields and people asleep in bed, - indicating a round earth. The book of Job describes the world like a barrel spinning on an axel or axis. (And although round it is truly more like a barrel on an axis rather than a free roaming snooker ball)

    The earth is the Centre of Gods creation but that doesn't mean it needs to have the sun orbiting it rather than the other way around. (Although think about relativity for a minute, - the centre is wherever you are looking).

    It is interesting that the new Jerusalem in the book of Revelation has the gemstones of the stars set in the foundation in the reverse order, meaning basically the heavens coming to the earth. The ancients looked up to the stars for guidance, but in the new Jerusalem, the earth is indeed the centre being where God will reign from.

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    I don't think there was ever a huge theological debate about the earth being round.  What there was a debate about was heliocentrism vs geocentrism, or whether the earth orbited the sun or the other way around.  I believe the Church held to geocentrism because heliocentrism was seen as challenging the central place of earth, and therefor humanity, in the cosmos.  We were supposed to be special, made in the image of god.  If the earth was just some rock orbiting a star then it made us less special

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    In 1632 Galileo angered the Pope when he published a book in which he openly stated that the Earth was moving around the Sun. That was the controversy. The flat Earth model is an archaic conception of Earth's shape as a plane or disk. All one had to do is observe a ship coming to your shore. The top of the mast appeared first because of the curvature of the Earth. We can see roughly 15 miles to the horizon w/ the naked eye.

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    The church sticks to the old biblical beliefs and it takes a lot to get the church to admit the Bible has got a lot of things wrong.  People who tried to educate people to the truth were persecuted.   Copernicus feared publishing his astronomical findings fearing the scorn of the Catholic church, and Galileo was sentenced to lifelong house arrest after he made his astronomical findings known.  The Church's beliefs in the Bible written in the 4th century AD overrode all common sense and scientific proof.  Likely the church feared anyone who showed the Bible had faults and errors were seen as a threat to the power of the church so had to be silenced.

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    The church never had any problem with the earth being round.

    You are becoming confused between that and the question of whether the earth revolved round the sun or the sun revolved round the earth.

    Fred: Galileo was originally supported by the Pope. Read the history.

    Copernicus was a Catholic, in minor orders.

    If by 'the church' you mean the Catholic church, in fact the Popes were more inclined to accept the new discoveries than the leaders of the Reformation who were inclined to reject the idea that the earth revolved round the sun on the grounds of commonsense (if it was whirling round we would surely have noticed it before) and the fact that Copernicus was Polish...

    And the bible was compiled in the 4th century AD, not written.

    ree - Galileo published "Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems" defending in 1632 with formal authorisation from the Inquisition and papal permission. Unfortunately the book was written in the form of a dialogue, and the character Simplicio who defends the Aristotelian system and is proved wrong was identified with the Pope. Who took exception to it. It is likely that Galileo, did not intend to insult Urban VII, but too many people thought he had.

    That was the controversy.

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