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Is it okay for men to lack dating experience due to personal circumstances or is it still a turnoff?

All my 20's I fought an uphill battle. My mom's small business was struggling when I was 21 and although I was already working, trying to get basic education at a community college, I had dropped out of school to help my family and provide financial support with my own income for about 3 years. During this period, I didn't feel confident about myself, my job, my self-worth so I didn't date. Even after that, I had to get a lot of things out of my way in order for me to even consider coming back to school. I eventually did and worked through my second stint at a community college. I worked, studied, got good grades, paid my own rent, etc, and transferred to the university I'm attending now. Even until this point, I was only focused on bettering my life, my education, my career so dating or partying was a luxury that I couldn't afford. And, I felt that I worked way too hard for me to chase cheap hedonistic pleasure so I've always been a long-term person although I never really dated. Is my reason a turnoff for women?


I don't prefer some causal dating for physical fun. I'd like to take the time to get to know the person to see what values they have, what they see in me, how we get along, and then commit. Not just jump into a relationship right away.

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    It's not necessarily a turn-off if a guy doesn't have dating experience. Usually when you are dating someone, it's because you are trying to get to know them better. Therefore, if you are able to do this and enjoy yourselves, you should be fine. 

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