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When I put out our family info on ancestry sites will it appear in Internet Searches or is it private?


My sister went ballistic when she learned her name was on a family tree. I want to make sure it does not appear on Internet searches to calm her nerves. She is delusional but it makes it less nerve racking to keep her happy. 

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    Really depends on what 'ancestry sites' you advertise your family tree on and if they have setting for public or private.......... however once you post anything online it belongs to the website and public or private a search will bring up a list of result whether they can be viewed or not......

    I  agree with your sister you should NEVER add living people to your tree if you intend to post online and she is NOT your ancestor anyway......... download free FH software into your own PC and that way you keep your family especially living people, your property and are not opening living people up to collection of information by these 'ancestry sites' to sell the information they now own to data collection companies

  • Cogito
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    That's your choice.  On Ancestry, you can choose to keep your tree private or public.  You can also add some family member as 'Living' and omit all their details.  I expect that other such websites offer the same choices.

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