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If police came because of me? Should I introduce myself or ignore them?

Earlier I got flat tire on road. I pulled up to side to change tires. The neighborhood have really long driveway, they couldn't see me but can see headlight on from their house.

I noticed their house started to turn light on because I was at front of their house. So I hurried change the tire.

After I left that scene. Few minutes later I saw couple of police car with siren on like assuming something emergency. Police stopped right at where my tire got flat.

Now, should I turn around and show up, tell them it's me and I was here because change the flat tire? Or just forget it and move on? Don't bother because I really don't know what neighbor told them of me being there as suspicious?

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    So if I am to believe you you are sitting on the side of the road posting this question?

    I have no idea why anyone would have a headlight on their house.

    Keep going and hope no one took down your license plate number.

    I find it a big stretch of the imagination that you are allowed to drive a motor vehicle.  Why?  Because - "What most police officers will do if I am driving "looked like police car" but it's not?   When I say looked alike. I mean just same kind with everything that police car has. Same stripe and lines and color. Except my light bar is orange instead of blue/red. Also label will on vehicle will say "politics" instead of police, or say "She's stiff"instead of sheirff, or "freeway party" instead of highway parole? 

    I mean it's legal and I can't be charge as imposter because it's not police or registered as police. Also nothing label on vehicle said cops/police/sheriff/parole."

    Where do you live that houses have headlights and vehicles have labels?

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