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I've happen to come across this Shocking image that was drawn by an artist depicting racism against Asians. What do you think about this?

Not lying, I've seen this happen before...


I am against it and want to stop this from happening in public when i'm around because it's just stupid. Like no one want's to hear such things...

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    Honestly, I think you're experiencing a phenomenon called mere-exposure effect wherein your concerns are only about yourself and you don't notice things going on outside of your ego bubble. The US is currently experiencing some pretty serious race based hatred, but almost none of it is distinctly against Asians. Although I will grant you that back in March and April this was an issue. TBH right at this moment Asians and those perceived as Caucasian minorities (Arabs/Latinos) are being left largely alone as blacks and whites get all stupid with each other. 

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    And of course, that an actual quote from a real life event, right? Not just a depiction of an imagined one. Yeah...I didn't think so.

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    I think it’s a little bit of hatred you just want to spread, kid.

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