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Since my brother has choked me and put all my personal info out on the Internet would I be able to get a restraining order?

Our parents will not do anything and keep making excuses for him because he has OCD but it is not an excuse. He is obsessed and has an Internet addiction. I am an adult and have already said I refuse to go to holidays with the family anymore if my brother is there. Our parents still support and enable his actions. He puts out our old addresses signs us up for random emails. My parents joke about it and think it is funny and enable him with excuses that he is "OCD" and was hurt in school by bullies growing up. 


So I have to take action, would I be able to get a restraining order over what he did. He strangled me a year ago but another brother had to get ice even cause I had a scratch. He is almost 40 and acts like he is ten years old. 


Politically Correct: But he uses his disability as an excuse to abuse people. Everyone I know say OCD can be fixed if you go to a doctor and take the right medicine. 

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    OCD is a coping mechanism.  The underlying condition is usually anxiety although your brother has multiple issues by the sound of it.  A restraining order would be pointless as he would not be able to comply.  Domestic violence has to be reported at the time, not a year later.  I suggest you either accept that you have a disabled brother or stay away from all of them.  You might tell your parents why.

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    No Court will issue a restraining order based on actions a year ago.

    Your other brother needing ice is immaterial.

    OCD cannot be "fixed."  He has OCD.  What is your issue?

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