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What is my mom's dog mixed with?

My mom says she gets so many compliments on Hershey and that he is unique. People ask what he's mixed with and one guy said he looks like he's mixed with a frenchie. He is a rottweiler but we don't have a clue what he's mixed with. What's that other side to him? Rottweiler's are calm, sweet, and passive. Hershey's behavior traits are aggressive, playful, and loves to bite. His two front teeths look like that of a bull. He has that mean look to him. Thank you.

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    Other than having the tan markings seen on a number of breeds (including Rotts & Dobermans) he has no resemblance to a Rottie.  His bones are too fine, and head shape & ear shape is 100% incorrect.

    Looks most like a French Bulldog MIX.  The extreme under bite is incorrect, but again is seen in many brachocephalic (bully) breeds.  And while the liver or black & tan colors are not accepted by AKC these colors do exist in the breed.  (The liver often is linked to health problems like early cataracts and alopecia)  

  • Funnel
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    3 weeks ago

    He got the moon in his eyes. Good name. Moon.

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    It is way too young to tell.  All puppies bite & it is up to the owner to teach them not to bite.  google, 'stop puppy biting'.  Teach it now or your will have bigger problems later.  Pup also needs to be potty trained, google, 'how to potty train a puppy?'

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    I've seen all sorts of Rottweiler mixes over my 30 yrs with them and I've never seen one like that.   I don't even think he's going to be anywhere near the size of a Rott and more likely boxer / Frenchie mix and especially with an undershot jaw. 

    Get your pups nails clipped asap before the quick gets too far down. 

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  • Jojo
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    The pup  is NOT unique and most pups are playful and love to bite on things and to the novice owner, growling can ne mistaken for aggressiveness'.

    Rottweilers CAN  be calm and good natured like any other breed, and can also possess other kinds of temperament, like all breeds can.

    There is not a `set` temperament for any breed. All Breeds possess breed traits, like herding, guarding, Retrieving etc, but actual temperaments will vary from Dominant through to submissive in all breeds.

    My present GSD had the look of a Devil, and acted like one when he was a puppy, but now he is mature he is just a lovable softy.

    Your pups claws look way too long by the way, and also you do not state his age.

    Its also almost impossible  to tell what mix he is without seeing a side on, standing photo of him and knowing his age. 

    He looks quite ugly in the photo, but very often ugly pups grow into good looking adult dogs. JMO. 


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    He has more than 2 teeth you can see the bottom row is full of itty bitty  teeth! Cute pup, mix IDK

  • Anonymous
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    His two front "teeths," "teeths" being the plural of tooth?

    I'm saying he's far to small to have any Rott in him.

    Where did you read that Rotts are calm, sweet and passive?  The same place you read that teeths is the plural of tooth?

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    Certainly something brachycephalic was involved. If you're certain the mother was a Rottweiler, then the father was likely a larger brachycephalic breed, or large mix involving one. It's unlikely, though not impossible, that a French Bulldog, Pug, etc. would successfully mate with a much larger breed. I'd guess something more like a Bulldog or American Bulldog.

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    looks a bit like a french bulldog

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    Thats not a rott.

    Looks like a BOXER mix.

    Black and tan markings can be found dozens of breeds

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