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What is the difference between a Fire TV stick (1st gen) and a Fire TV Stick Lite (2020)? ?

Would I be getting a good upgrade or should I just stick with the 1st gen one? I cant afford the 4k one at the moment. 

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    The Lite has a controller totally lacking in TV controls.

    So no volume and mute buttons, and you can’t use the power button to turn the TV on and off. It just turns the Fire Stick on and off.

    Look on Amazon Refurbished. I got my 4K and regular sticks on there for about half price, but the deals and prices vary a lot. Also nearer Christmas Amazon often drop the prices of the non-refurbished ones to even less than those they sell as refurbished.

    The 4K stick is only worth it if your TV is 4K compatible, and has a large enough screen to show 4K detail. At normal viewing distances that normally means the screen needs to be larger than 56 inches (measured diagonally) to really start noticing any real improvements in image quality.

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