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Is it more special to have a bond with a large animal such as a horse than a cat or dog? ?

My mom has indicated that to me since she has experience with both large and smaller animals. Or is it just different? 

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  • john
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    4 weeks ago

    No.  I've had experience with large and small animals, too.  I don't agree with the answerer Nonplussed who says that bonding is related to size simply because a horse is big enough to kill you and thus commands respect for its size--because bonding is a matter of the heart, not a matter of respect for size.

    I personally find dogs the easiest by far to bond with because, generally speaking, dogs are the most loving and devoted kind of animal.  That's why they're called "man's best friend."

  • 1 month ago

    Yes, there's a big difference-- literally. Bonding with a large animal requires a higher degree of respect, patience & diligence. When working with a creature that could easily injure or kill you, the stakes are raised considerably. If you make a mistake training or playing with a dog/cat, you don't have to worry about ending up in the ER. So as a handler, there's much more emphasis on your actions & attitude, bcuz getting it wrong could be fatal. That fact alone makes the bond more significant somehow... not "better," just more of a partnership arrangement.

  • 1 month ago

    All different, all wonderful. Some animals are harder to trust humans than others, or they have been through the ringer and need some more persuading, but the patience and love you give, you get back times TEN. One of my cats trusted instantly, so it wasn't anything with him. Another cat we have took YEARS. Every time we move, he reverts back to his old, untrusting ways. He was passed around a lot as a kitten, so he has an issue with needing roots and settling down. We moved again, and it took him another full year to come out and be his naughty, sweet, adorable self again, but worth the wait. 

    His bond is no more or less special than with any animal, but it's special to me because we had to work at it, again. And we are being rewarded with purrs, belly flops on the floor, lap cuddles, and kisses.

  • 1 month ago

    No.  When it comes to bond we have with animals its always special, no matter what size. 

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