How to set up audio settings on windows correctly?

So first question, how do I find out what audio card I have? I was told to go to "Devices" and then "Sound, video and game controllers" and it'd say.

I remember several years ago before I reinstalled windows having Realtek, but it said "Microsoft High Definition Audio Device" one which I googled and it seemed to be the default, said Microsoft in system information etc too so this was futile, I downloaded Realtek anyways and sure enough it replaced it, does this mean my soundcard is realtek? (I have a IPISB-VR motherboard from a Gateway computer, online it says this has Realtek ALC662 card so I'm assuming so)

Second, would it be better to play volume through my AMD graphics card or my computer? My computer let's me output at 96khz, my monitor with my AMD graphics only lets me output at 48khz, I have external speakers hooked up

Also, when I installed Realtek it changed the left and right speaker balance in windows settings to "74", I put them back up to "100", are they supposed to be maxed at 100 or does that make them lose quality or somehing?

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  • keerok
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Realtek follows the microsoft audio standards and it supplies a lot of sound modules to different computer manufacturers. They probably have the license to use that description from microsoft. It's normal too that if you download drivers from their site, it may come out as Realtek. For all we know, they're the same thing.

    Volume is a sound card function so controls go there, even if you use HDMI. Graphics is graphics. That's why they separated all those chips for better function and efficiency. 

    You can change the settings all you want then test the sound quality yourself. Whether or not you lose quality should depend on your ears. The number is just a guide.

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