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Is it immature to get pregnant at 22 with no money, no apartment and no savings and expect your boyfriend and parents to foot the bill?

She's 22 and she is entirely co-dependent. She has consistently gone from relationship to relationship since she was 15 with 2 or 3 months in between. Every guy she meets is "the one" and she becomes completely obsessed with them and absorbs their personality, changing like a chameleon to like all of their hobbies.

She goes from 0 to 60 without pause. She met her last boyfriend at work and was living with him 3 months later, that lasted all of 6 months before her parents had to pay an early termination fee for her to move out. Then she moved home and got back together with the guy again a month later.

Her parents were glad to have her back home so she could focus on finishing her bachelors degree. It took all of 3 months before she met the love of her life AGAIN. Then she was complaining to her cousins (myself included) and parents that she was still heartbroken over her ex, she was dissociating, depressed and needed space from the new guy so she pushed him away. Then out of fear of losing the new guy permanently she got pregnant. Yes the guy is equally responsible but she intended to get pregnant to keep him in her life. He is happy about it and wants a baby too. She has no savings, lives with her parents still and her work experience includes a grocery bagger and a barista, she's almost finished with her bachelors in psychology. She has done nothing to heal herself, no self work, no therapy, no job and she's having a baby at 22. Is this selfish


Edward Sweetheart, 



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characterized by excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically one who requires support on account of an illness or addiction.

Needing a boyfriend to pay your rent, needing a boyfriend to not feel alone and work on oneself, needing parents to take care of all of your mistakes.

It seems as if you've got the reading part down sweetie, just need to work on the comprehension bit. 

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    Do you know what co-dependant means sweetheart?

  • 4 weeks ago

    no u shud be greatful u are new setting and new horizon. In fact the baby will bring u good luck from the tummy. If i was in love right now i would be working hard and trying to make my Family { him] proud. Im proud of myself now still desperate to leave , Distraught.But i would totally Completely appreciate this golden love opportunity. thats why i get sad Heavily.

    please do not down if u dont know what im saying. U dont have this family or life so u cant compare with anyone else. But if i had love i would do things differently. As a mother It is a fact the baby provokes things in u. And since she is allready in love, the guy can definetly help her and She has A new address. There are few to no excuses now. cuz she can still cry about things, but not for the purpose part. like thats personality not day to day life.

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