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Can you explain why this would happen?

After the covid shutdown in March,

when they reopened,

The largest public library system in the area -- with 28 branches ---- resumed normal hours, seven days per week, including evenings, -- same hours as before the pandemic.

My local community college in the same county: Forcing the majority of their classes to go remote/online, and the library services are only open 2 days per week on limited hours.

Why is the community college being held to a different standard than the public library????



the community college has 4 campuses by the way.

Update 2:

@anonymous: well before the pandemic, the Community College Library was open to the Community (the public).

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    No one is holding anyone to any standard.  The library is run by the County and has one set of rules.  The Community College undoubtedly has another set of rules and has a governing body.

    Or you could call either and ask.

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    4 weeks ago

    Different clientele.  The community college facilities only serve students, the public library serves everyone.  Of course the rules will differ.

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