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Sad question about cats from an introvert crazy cat lady?

Do you ever look at your cat when they're sleeping, and you love your cat so much you would do anything for them, like the kind of love where you would cancel your day with your friends and just hang out with your cat, and thought that one day, that cat is gonna die and that day will be so sad you don't know how you're gonna pull it together when your cat is not here with you anymore. Or has anyone ever gone through what I'm describing right now? I'm writing this at 3am while my cat is sleeping peacefully next to me by the way.

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    Good ol' Garfield was laying on my bed. After he stopped blinking for an hour I picked him up and put him on the kitchen floor in the sun where he liked to lay. I closed his eyes cause of the sun. He really didn't look defective at that point. He was doing the same thing he always did. You could still pet his soft fuzzy ears. (Someone in the house says "quit playing with that dead cat") 

    You go to the backyard with a shovel.  And it sucks cause everything after 15 inches is clay and takes forever to dig.  Physical exertion with digging for a couple hours helps with the sad feelings a little.

    I was his.

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    I've had cats since adopting Kitt Carson when I was 12 (81 now).  So I've lost too many furry friends over the years, and still miss so many.  But I love the ones I have and appreciate the time we have together.

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    I totally get it! I have currently 3 Siamese, when my other Siamese passed at (15 in human years) away 3 years ago I cried for months, then his brother a Burmese cat died 6 months later at the age of 17 in human years, I cried again for months then I found a Siamese breeder I bought 2 littler mates, and my other Siamese I adopted from  the the ASPCA when he was 8 weeks old I got them all in the same year and that was 3 years ago.  The litter mates names, Carlie, and Charlie, the rescue named Slippers! And I am a woman!

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    It's all too familiar to me & I know many cat owners feel that way. I remember a news story from one of the California fires years ago. A man who'd successfully escaped his burning house insisted on going back inside for his beloved cat. He got the cat out safely, but he himself was so badly burned that he later died of those injuries. I'm sure some might have called him stupid, risking his life for a cat, but I fully understood the man's motivation. And I remember thinking, "That would be me, in the same situation."

    I'm often embarrassed by how much I love my cats. They give us so much, yet ask for so little. Their lives are unfairly brief, so we end up compressing a lifetime's worth of love into a decade. The only solace in losing a pet is the knowledge that we enriched their lives as much as they did for us.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    I had to put down one of mine about a year ago, and I still miss him dearly. He liked nothing more than to lie on my lap or chest when I am home- it was rare when he wasn't somewhere nearby me. His brother is still very much alive and good company, so it helps to ease the pain somewhat

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    No. Cats are safer than people, and I do think that cats (and dogs) are surrogates for partners and children. They're nothing morally wrong with preferring pets, so enjoy your life and choices.

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