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Would a nutritionist be worth seeing in my case?

My doctor said there's nothing wrong with me but I can't seem to lose weight and lower my body fat percentage. I use to consume 2400 calories a day from fast food and sodas and gained weight. Now I don't eat fast food and the only liquid I drink is water, I eat chicken, salmon, vegetables, and only season everything with minimal onions and olive oil and work out five days a week for the past three months and I'm literally the same size (no I haven't gained muscle). I don't see what is going on. so when I go to a nutritionist what exactly would they instruct me to do? I know in order to lose weight you need to be in a caloric deficit which I am (i did the calculations) I just don't know how much cleaner I can eat without starving myself (which I know is not good) 

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    If you are not losing weight its because you are eating the same amount of calories. Reduce how much you eat. 

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    Probably not. Most nutritionists will tell you to eat a lot of carbs. Their training is still the standard US FDA food pyramid. Of course, you can look around for one that specializes in weight loss or see if you can find one that promotes a paleo or keto diet.

    I'd suggest you spend your money on a person trainer instead.  I know losing weight can be difficult, but either you aren't working out the best way and or you're miscalculating your calories.

    If you are eating quality protein and fresh veggies, you're fueling your body to burn fat. If you aren't burning fat, then you are still consuming more calories that your body is using. Your options are to decrease your calorie intake at least 300 calories a day from your current consumption and or change your workout so that you are building muscle.  If you don't know how to do that, hiring a trainer or purchasing a workout program to follow would make sense.

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    I think what you want is a dietician, though either could give you excellent advice. These sciences undergo major revolutions every 10 years; the latest is the understanding of how gut bacteria affect everything from moods to weight control. It's no longer as simple as thinking calories in/ calories out.

  • kelvin
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    we would need to know how much you weigh now

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