What is systemic racism?

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Systemic Racism is an excuse for non-European descents to divert their incompetence & corruption in the cities they run. Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell argued that Systemic Racism doesn't exist in 2020, it last existed in the 60s & being used as a shakedown by Benjamin Crump & Al Sharpton. Europid (D) Celebrities, (D) politicians officials, SJW... rail against the Founding Fathers, & so called Europid privilege just so they can keep it, stay employed & acquire more power playing savior. They could care less about the cities & states they've been ruining for 4-7 decades.

    The concept of Europid privilege was created to dehumanize Europid people & being pushed to criminalize Europid privilege which is criminalizing European descent as people in general. Europid privilege ended in 1964 in the former Confederate states & what replaced it was Congoid privilege Affirmative Action. The so called Europid privilege now is natural behavior akin to Parents loving their biological children a little bit more than their niece & nephew or neighbors kids. A Japanese national will be more trusting of a Japanese National than a Chinese, Korean, or Pilipino, but may trust a Korean more. The Same scenario applies among Europeans, Middle Eastern, Amerindians, Indians & Sub Saharans such as Ethiopians, Sudanese, Nigerians, & among Tribes/Clans within Nationalities.

    There is only one ethnic/racial privilege that is under the law which is affirmative action that doesn't seem to apply to a much smaller minority of Asian descents. Demands for dismantling Europid privilege is about Congoid unearned supremacy not equality. It is basically criminalization of Europid Identity, surrender of Europid rights, property, employment, & business Bolshevik style. Europids uses more merit base consideration than Congoid Tribal Privileges as Congoid Americans want everything about more never ending Congoid privilege demands it as if Europid Americans are being held hostage.

    Woke/SJW's inability to objectivity & understanding of the past in its entirety (without agendas) not cherry pick the past over an agenda to move on from the past & not repeat it. Understand that Slavery was practice by every ethnic group on the for 10,000 years. Acknowledge & respect that Europid society in Europe & the Americas abolished slavery. Acknowledge that Arab & Congoid Africans are responsible for trading Congoid African rivals, criminals & outcast to the East Arabian Slave Trade & the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Acknowledge that Congoid world population grew from less than 30 million to 1 billion+ from 1500-2020 because of Europid Privilege: industrialization, science, technology, medicine, surgery, food preservation (refrigeration, bottling, canning, plastics), academics, economics, 'Out of Africa' & Europid pursuit to abolishing slavery. (Pre Columbian Human Population: China 100M, Japan 12M, Korea 6M, Mongolia 5M, Europe 50M, Africa 30M, Central Asia 20M, S. Asia 50M, S/E Asia 25, Australia/Oceana 1M, Siberia 1M, Americas N/S 25M).

    If Europeans had not sailed beyond the Sahara desert there may not have been a Trans-Atlantic Trade directly with Sub Saharan Villages or Kingdoms, the Arabs would be a monopolized middle men with the product castrated. If Europeans & Arabs left the Sub-Saharan Sub Continent alone to their own device & survival, Sub Saharan population may not have grown to 1 billion & remained under 30 million due to endless tribal warfare, tropical African disease, sacrificial voodoo (witchcraft) cults/religions, & exhausted resources. Human sacrifices would be more frequent due to the slave trade with Arabs & Europeans would not exist Sub-Sahara Tribal Africa as they brutally compete for territory controlling the population with warfare & human sacrifices along with tropical African deseases such as Small Pox, Malaria, Yellow Fever, HIV, Ebola...Development into an Advance Society may not happened, just as it didn't with uncontacted tribes of the Amazons & N. Sentinel Island.

    Understand that proudly preserving one's ethnic Culture, History, Achievements & Contribution should be acknowledge & accepted with respect as every ethnicity engages in these behavior of bragging rights no matter how huge or miniscule their cultural impact is in the world. Middle Eastern, (Hebrew, Arabs, Turks, Persians), East Asians, South Asians, & Europeans are very proud groups due to their Ancient History & revolutionary achievements. Middle Eastern Civilization had a head start in building Civilization, but was surpassed by Asians & Europeans shortly after. At the advent of the industrial revolution due to Newcomen & Trevithick's Steam engines, Europe & Europeanized America & Australia left every great civilizations behind, until when China reclaims it, if. Amerindians built their own impressive civilization, but were still far behind middle Eastern, Asians, & Europeans due to the lack of Iron tech/metallurgy, written language & the wheel until contact with Europeans.

    Europid descent were/are very proud of Europid achievements & contribution to modernizing the world due to their hard work in academics, innovation in technology: Television, Radio, Phonograph, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration, Trains, Automobile, Airplanes, External Combustion Engine (Steam), Internal Combustion Engines, Jet Engines, Vacuum tubes, Microchips, Computers, Cell Phone..., engineering: Ohms Law, Kirchhoff's Law, Boyle's Law, Hertz, Frequency..., science: biology, physics, modern medicine: drug, therapeutics, identifying bacteria/viruses through microscopic lenses, deciphering the DNA sequence, US constitutional law & order: The Bill of Rights, & Abolishing Slavery in Western Societies & putting pressure on non-Western countries to adopt Western Values in Democracy & Civil/Human Rights.

    Those who says Europid Supremacy (KKK/Neo National Socialists 0.002% of US population) is the biggest threat to America than Russia, China, Iran, Islamist Jihadist, MS 13... ignores the fact that they weren't considered a threat since 1865 & they had huge influence with (D) officials & politicians such as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Robert Byrd, & Joe Biden. The Confederate South accepted their defeat in the US Civil War, Abolition of Slavery & Swore their Allegiance back to the US sovereign & US Constitution. They've remained loyal & fought NAZI Germany & Imperial Japan, even the KKK fought against NAZI Germany. It is very doubtfull that the KKK would want to bring back slavery as Islamist Jihadist (ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabab...) have in Libya, Syria, & Iraq.

    Very proud Europids may project extreme arrogance, but their arrogance is reinforced by factual history documented. Despite their arrogance, 19/20th have no ill will towards non-Europids that can compete & rise to challenge Europid societies' dominance in Technology, Engineering, Science, & modern Medicine without special privilege entitlements (Aff. Act.) earning Europid societies' respect. This is why Japan, Singapore, South Korea & Taiwan are respected & praised. Even china despite unfavorable critique of un-democratic practices gets respect & praise for their achievements in 20 years on the world stage. Nathan Rich son of a Scientologist Leader is very much on board with China's progress in Economy, Technology, Law & Order methods to keep China's stability intact, all the way.

    The recognition of merit is as universal & ancient since the 1st mammal specie & human family, pride, village or herd struggled to survive. It is what Confucius & the US Declaration of Independence meant with equality, tolerance, & opportunity. A few supremacist may believe that just by being born makes them superior physically, mentally, intellectually without having to learn, train and earn the skills, but even if they are genetically superior intellectually on average, such potential can only be harnessed and realized to fruition by nurturing that intelligence through hard work, constant stimulation, perseverance & diligence through academics & the pursuit to keep improving & gaining more knowledge, no different from what Athletes & Martial Artist had to endure to achieve their top tier physical condition & readiness.

    Intelligence among breeds of Dogs, Cats, Gorillas (Koko/Ivan), Keas, Crows, Ravens, Seals, & Dolphins still requires training & nurturing. The least intelligent breeds may require longer training that may or may not achieve acceptable result. Which demonstrate by way of nature that not every specie, sub specie, ethnicity, tribe & individual develops equally. The methods of coming into this world may be the same, but not everyone or thing develops with equal outcome or success.

    Mankind is very much susceptible to mother nature despite how Mankind (Caucasians: Europids, Persians, Arabs, Hebrews, Anatolia; Asians: Central, South, S/E, East) have mastered bending mother nature for mankind's benefit.





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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

     Racism imposed by the system rather than an individual zx

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  • Sergio
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Fantasy invented by Marxists and BLM.

    No statistics corroborate it, least of all common sense. The cases of Breonna Taylor (the police are shot) and Floyd have nothing to do with racism. And if with arrests of criminals.

  • Poorer schools with no funding in predominantly Populated race that is seen inferior to those in power. Harsher punishment for the same or lesser crimes. Paints a picture that they are inherently bad people. Etc. there’s more but I’m not as well educated as others who Actually live it so I can only give my limited view on it. 

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  • KTJoe
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Oh just some excessively used hype words,to get people all rowdy. Uh no particular meaning.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Not being allowed to act as you please without repercussion 

  • Ted K
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    One way to define it is to look at just one particular example: the red-lining of mainly blacks and Hispanics to prevent them from purchasing property in "choice" areas of the city & county of Los Angeles, restricting them to particular "colored only" areas, then deliberately walling off those neighborhoods from white ones through deliberate, strategic planning of freeway/refinery/industrial park construction.  This practice is what created "ghettos" in key sections of Los Angeles--e.g. Watts, Compton, parts of East L.A., and was never publically acknowledged, but was definitely practiced widely from the late 1940s through at least the 1980s.  Various aspects of this same thing continue even today by banks, and mortgage lenders, who routinely refuse loans to people with good credit  based solely on their skin color.

    Once those ghettos were created, heavy police presence was assigned to ensure that "those people" didn't stray too far from their assigned locations, and to clamp down heavily if any of them got "uppity."  Despite the image of California as some sort of progressive haven, the above shows that it's been not much different from the Jim Crow days in the Deep South.  It was that way in San Diego, where I grew up, people were told to stay away from Logan Heights and National City...

    Up north in the "liberal" Bay Area, blacks couldn't buy in San Francisco, but were restricted to Oakland.  Again, just as in So CA, this wasn't specified by any public law or statute, but it was "agreed upon" in backroom deals between city officials, real estate developers, lenders and other influential local bigwigs.

    This same thing has gone on for decades all over this country.  To deny it is little more than to pretend in order to not have to feel any obligation to do anything about it ("if we ignore it, it doesn't exist...").

    The luxury of ignoring, and thus not having to face that sordid history--and indeed the desperate & loud denial that that history even exists-- is the very definition of white priviledge.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    A figment of libtard imagination. It does not exist.

  • david
    Lv 4
    4 weeks ago

    Laws that state people of a certain race are not allowed to engage in various activities, and/or policies (official or otherwise) which ignore the laws on a case by race basis.  

  • 4 weeks ago

    What the black man and woman suffer in the US and Europe

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