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Now what do you think about a young minister talking about sex in study?

I don't think it is bad but he was talking about how a wife should not hold out on her husband and that if he wants sex she should be available for him. He also talked about sexual intercourse.

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    Many ministers believe it is a part of their job to counsel women into being subservient to their husband. If women come to a young male minister for his advice, they can expect to get the advice of a guy who went to seminary. Going to seminary does not make a person wise and experienced in the ways of the world. It's makes them an expert on the Bible. People need seek what they want. For myself, as a woman, it's 100% unlikely that I would seek female or marital advice from a young minister. So I think that if you have done so and don't like his advice, then you seek a far more experienced counselor.  And probably a female one. 

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    Not enough info to answer.

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    I would need to know the ages of the people who was speaking to.  Otherwise, no opinion.

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    Clergy men are chick magnets. Very few of them fail to capitalize on this.

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    In study? What is that?

    "Seedy History" has good ideas as usual!

    Ask the young minister if he is talking from experience or from a book he read. 

    "If he wants sex......"?! What about a loving couple making love with each other?! Couples make their own decisions, whether based on what a young minister or anyone says. Of course nobody is above listening to other people's advice, but the ultimate decisions are theirs.

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