John asked in SportsGolf · 3 months ago

does the all body swing that golf instructors preach really actually work? I notice a huge lack of swing speed swing only with my body. ?

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  • 1 month ago

    too many "modern" instructors are focusing on control rather than speed.  You should learn speed first, then work on control later.  I would recommend seeing an instructor that teaches traditional golf instead of these guys teaching "no hip turn", "stacking left", or some other "new style" that none of the pros use.  The pros are pros for a reason.  Not from learning something that someone is trying to reinvent.

  • 3 months ago

    it is because your body is slower than your hands.    so practice your body to turn faster.    not it just works, but it is the correct way to swing a golf club.....

  • Clubhead speed at impact is what drives gains in distance (simple math and physics).  However, it's also about finding a swing that works for you and that doesn't cause injury.  Guys like DJ, Bryson and Koepka won't make it to 35-40 without major injuries and surgery. 

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