I bullied my brother when I was a kid and created trauma for myself. Do I deserve to just suffer?

Title basically says it all; I made fun of my brother constantly when I was a kid because I had issues, which obviously hurt him and also created dysfunction in my family. I now have emotional and psychological scars from all the screaming matches, parents yelling at me and me feeling bad about hurting my brother but not being able to control myself. I've apologized but I'm still drowning in unbearable guilt and shame. I've heard a lot about how bullies deserve to suffer for life or die, should I even try to get help and live my desired life or would that be an insult to my brother? I can't shake the feeling that I don't deserve happiness; I mean most people probably wouldn't even like me for what I did so idk if I can even find love. What do you guys think about all this...

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  • 3 weeks ago

    no you don't suffer yourself for that a lot of people make mistake in their life, and if you had or have a issue it is still not your fault. if  you want you can talk t someone or go to a doctor.

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