Is parental manipulation a crime? ?

Hello everyone. I have a question when it comes to child custody. My brother's ex wife has made our lives a living hell. She has made up so many ridiculous things up against my Brother and our family. She has filled police reports and accused my brother of molesting his daught which a detective closed the case because there was no evidence. No she has accused him of child abuse. She has made the kids belive that we are bad people. although when the kids are around us they are always happy and love to be with us. She somehow managed to have my brother's daughter tell the police that he hit her which is not true at all. He has court today and his lawyer does have all the case numbers from the police where she has made crazy accusations before none of which have been true and they haven't prosecuted my brother because the cases get closed due to lack of evidence. We are so exhausted and sick of spending money on lawyers to keep defending my brother from her insanity. How can we get her to stop? I mean is it not a crime to falsely accuse someone of such serious things? 

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    3 months ago
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    Parental alienation can be, filing a false police report can be, city, state laws come into play plus, it can be very hard things to prove. You need all of these things written down, a log kept that can then be turned over to the courts.  You may just have to continually defend yourselves as you are though. It does truly suck when things play out this way, the kids are really the only ones who lose.

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    3 months ago

    In MY State - and I don't know where you are - there is no such thing as parental manipulation as a legal charge.  Parental interference is NOT a crime, but is a reason for a person to lose custody.

    You get her to stop by suing her for filing false charges.  It's defamation.  It may or may not be a criminal act, BUT I don't know where you are.

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