Why does my ex’s friends keep tabs on me after an awful break-up? ?

During the summer, my relationship of 6 months ended in a terrible way. We’re fairly young, at the time he was 18-19 & I was 20-21. To make a long story short we ended up brawling it out with each other & partaking in illegal activity that lead to a police report (filed by him) and a restraining order (filed by me). The incident happened at my friends house, both my friend & his friend were present & witnessed the chaos unfolding. The night we broke up was the last time we’ve ever spoken, he’s changed his number, locked down all social media, and blocked me. He also fought the restraining order & told my friend that I am “dead to him”. My question is why are his closest friends still MY friend on social media when I didn’t have a substantial friendship with them? Is he hiding behind their accounts to keep tabs on me? Specifically on Snapchat, his pals (the friend who was present on the night we broke up too) view my stories religiously & continuously post videos/photos of my ex & what their doing. Humans are curious by nature but I didn’t expect to be “orbited” by a handful of his friends especially because of the violent & ugly circumstances of our break-up. Please help me understand. 

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  • T J
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    You flatter yourself. You are dead to him, he could care less about you. You have the ability to block these people, but yet, you have not done that. You want attention. Thank god your ex is no longer with you.

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