How would you change English football?

A lot of talk about changes to English football, whether a European Super League or that stupid idea Rick Parry Peddled a few weeks back. I'm a non-league fan so see things from that side of it. If you had the power as head of the FA, would you change the structure of English football and the wider Pyramid, if yes how?


2 cracking answers but I'm giving it to Hombre. Purely because he addresses the finances. My idea was 75/25. A league keeps 75% of its revenue to split between the clubs, 25% gets passed to the league below. That does the same etc etc etc till the bottom of the pyramid and no parachute payments.

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    ironically not everything but much of what G.Neville has been suggesting , i think is a pretty good blueprint.....and it's not just Football in Uk, but in general,   some of this contact nonsense has got to go, as does not punishing players for treacherous diving and going to grond,  id do away with all these phases concerning the offside rule,  just have it back to how it used to be but with VAR,  change the handball rules back to how they were hand to ball, ball to hand, although for me inoccuous touches of the ball before scoring a goal and then disallowing it, was a pretty good idea, it just needs consistency in it's implementation....  reduce the severity of punishments,  you just know when an established Manager like Hodgson, starts referring to s/o decisions as a total joke,  then something is not right..

    the structure  well this was the idea i had

    EPL takes 50% of the proceeds  leaving 50%

    the EFLC  takes 50%  of whats left leaving 25% of the original proceeds  and then we do the same again  , with the only argument whether any money should be passed down to non league level....i think this model would be far fairer than the current idea, and remember i'm going against the direct interests of the team you know i follow..

    also i'm not a fan of pens, ie  to decide a game if level. i hate to say it but the Americans have a better way of deciding the winner in a stalemate, which i've always preferred..

    Football one game ONE name

    RIP Sean Connery......a true master of the film will be sadly missed

  • Some simple changes:

    -Ditch the league cup for Premier League teams and reward the winner with a Europa League spot AND an automatic spot in the play-offs for promotion.

    -Allow 5 subs per game.

    -Require teams to have a minimum number of academy players on their roster.

    -Teams still involved in European competition as of 15 December get a bye into the 4th round of the FA Cup (teams can choose to opt out of the FA Cup if they choose with no penalty from the FA).

    -Winter break of 10 days starting on 27 December (Boxing Day becomes last day of fixtures).

    -Fire the UEFA Nations League into the sun or make it an under-25 tournament.

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