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Why does society still demonize people with developmental disabilities?

I hate that people think we’re all school shooters, incels, serial killers, lack empathy, stupid, burdens, etc. In reality it’s the other way around, we’re more likely to VICTIMS of violance, assault, hate crimes, and get murdered by people who weren’t born with any developmental disability like autism. These sterotypes are not only ableist and discriminative, but also myths. Any person can kill, incel isn’t autism exlusive, non autistics can also be incels and have a higher likelihood of being an incel. Would you say that all blacks are potential felons? NO! Because that’s a racist sterotype and a myth. So why is it okay to do it to another marginalized group? 

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    someone once asked if Baron Trump had autism. The Trump's threatened to have that person arrested and sued for millions. That is the feeling about special needs coming from the top.

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