How do I get a well paying job?

The majority of my coworkers are lazy beaners who put no effort into their job.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Go to a different part of town, there's a lot of concentrated immigration in certain areas. Money - Find a goal you'll actually achieve 

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    I have lived long enough to say that Education is F#$# important.   Do you expect to be a banker if you dont know how to manage money?    Do you expect to have a high paying job if you got no friends to help you for a reference?   Do you expect to be successful if you have a bad attitude?  

    follow the rich people and you might get the share.....

  • 4 weeks ago

    You generally can get a better job by putting 100% of your efforts into your current job. Then, if you don't get a promotion in that job, you'll be a little more experienced with better work ethics that will help elsewhere. That's the way I did it.

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  • Kyle
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    4 weeks ago

    not sure what your co workers have to do with you getting a better job.  more often than not, you will find some no matter where you go.

    learn a skill that is in demand.  sometimes that requires a four year degree.  some you can find with a two year degree.  some you can find with industry certifications, like in IT.  others you can work your way up in the work force, or through other paths, like the military.

    the military has hundreds of jobs that aren't all combat or infantry related.  plenty of jobs can find similar civilian jobs and careers when your service is over.  you get paid training, and most jobs only require four year contract.  so it isn't forever.  military lifestyle isn't for everyone, but it can be to be a jump start towards a career, and learn valuable job skills.  

  • david
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    4 weeks ago

    Step 1) Take a an elementary school English grammar course and learn to write.

    Step 2) Learn to do something other than complain (especially about others). Step 3) Stop being such a racist prick. That makes you a liability for your perspective               employers. 

  • Even in higher paying jobs, you may still find lazy or careless workers. 

    Look for better paying jobs, take a few courses and or get a degree. 

    My husband doesn't have a degree (he did graduate high school), he earns over a million per year plus his commissions. He used connections to get where he is. 

    I went from retail to doing warehouse work (I love my job and not just for the money), the warehouse job pays more then any job I've ever had. But half the people in the warehouse are careless. They don't clean up after themselves. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    The best way to do that is to attend college or trade school or get an apprenticeship, acquire the skills, perfect them over 2-3 years and then move into a supervisory or management role.

    And it is amazing you folks say that about certain minorities...


    My previous work, before I 'wised up' was working with a bunch of flag waving rednecks who came to work hung over, constantly had to re-cut or re-frame because no one could be bothered to FOLLOW the plans when the GC wasn't around...and they started drinking again at 3pm and thought potting pot in their cigarettes would hide the smell.

    The only good that came out of that gig was the appreciation of what goes in to the walls and roofs where we live and work.

    (I never want to hang dry wall again)

  • n2mama
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    4 weeks ago

    Get an education or in demand skill set. Also work on developing your attitude and communication skills. People who use racial slurs have trouble finding and getting high level well paid positions.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I’ve found the same with blacks who do the bare minimum on jobs.

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