How can my brother 'evict' his live-in girlfriend?

My brother has ended his relationship after a domestic-incident in which his girlfriend was taken away and booked for a night after she beat him and left him visibly bruised. He filed a protective order, do not know when it expires. She was bailed out and ultimately made her way back to his house (she's not on mortgage/deed) and they tried for a day or two to work it out and he ultimately broke off the relationship and now she won't leave "I've paid too much (utilities) for this house, I ain't going anywhere". She's abusive and out of control - he just wants her gone. She's mean to his only son and has purportedly threatened to kill both my brother and his son on several occasions while drunk. He's staying at Pop's house this weekend because he doesn't want to be around her and she won't leave his house. Pop is taking him to magistrate this weekend to extend protective order - we're thinking that will get her out of the house. Once they make her leave, as a result of protective order, can't he quickly change the locks .... and problem solved?

Any help/insight/feedback is more than appreciated


3 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    on that day the first thing he should have done was told her to move out and write it all down..the date and all...cause i think the police would be on her side..she has 30 days to move out legally....but the protective order may overwrite this...imi not sure

  • 1 month ago

    that is correct. now ur brother is single. Gosh i wish i was not damaged i would have loved to fill the void. Please i am humble dont down this. I was saying IF. believe it or not i wouldnt hit him. I dont want to lose him. But he could if he wanted to.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If he has a restraining order against her he just needs to call the police and have her removed.

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