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: Civilization

Mesopotamia, despite its hard beginnings, can be qualified as a civilization. The gathering of agricultural communities, each with their unique ideologies and thoughts, creating religion and culture and facilitated more advanced development. These cultures soon encountered other growing city-states and had their ideas spread and flourish through war and. Trades and cultural ideologies led to hierarchy's in a civilization as laws, regulations, trade, and wars were decided by certain individuals as time grew on. I believe that traditional requirements of a civilization do change with time, albeit only marginally with the core of civilizations staying the same over time. Many ideologies that modern civilization is built around can still be traced far back in history. Society today is formulated off the beliefs and ideologies of the masses in order to function, as well as having laws upon which the society is built off of. When it comes to the existence of writing and metallurgy, both are needed in order to form a complex society. Writing is needed in order for a society to facilitate communication and documentation on things such as taxes or literature, whereas metallurgy facilitates technological progress and advancement of the civilization in engineering.

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