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What do you think of my discussion answer ?


Mesopotamian kings were selected ruling behalf of the gods even though the kings did try to allege divinity. The first kings thought that it was necessary to have divine authority in order to secure their right to lead. Mesopotamians civilizations were made on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Hence why it is called Mesopotamia since the literal translation is “between rivers.(Joshua cole and Carol Sums pg9). They had irrigation canals which were built in an important economic development area. One of the first languages that was spoken in Mesopotamia is Sumerian. Sumerians invented something that is very vital to us and what we depend on:writing. Pictograms was a way to communicate information on crops and taxes. As time passed, writing has changed and signs flourished into scripts called cuneiform. Scribes were archived for daily events, request goods and trade on clay tablets. Yes, if writing was never a thing,we wouldn’t know about past histories that are being passed on today. 

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    I think it's poor. Even just reading the first sentence, it's clear that English isn't your first language and that your knowledge of English is insufficient to communicate coherently in English. That fact is only further proven by your second sentence. Finishing reading the paragraph, I see your broken English never improves. 

    Now, I can surmise very broadly what you're discussing simply based on the various words you use, much like anyone proficient in English could, but your inability to properly and effectively assemble those words to convey a coherent meaning make it impossible to discern what it is you're actually meaning to say. 

    In short, what you've written as an answer, as discussion, is mostly gibberish. While bits and pieces are not, those bits and pieces don't form a discussion that can be understood because they are but islands with oceans of incomprehensible gibberish between them. The fragments of ideas spattered throughout the paragraph are not coherently connected, so what you've written isn't a discussion but just a blathering.

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