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14 year old Supergirl VS 14 year old Sailormoon, who makes the better superhero?

We all seen how Usagi is at 14 because the Sailormoon story starts her off at age 14. She's kind of a coward, she cries a lot, she's kind of selfish, and she needs a lot of encouraging to actually go save the day. 

Supergirl story starts off at age 16. Kara starts off being 2 years older than Usagi and is more matured. She doesn't cry, whine, and doesn't hessite to go save someone. But what was she like at the age of 14?... There was only 2 flash back where it looks like she was younger than 16. In the movie Superman Unbound and the CW TV show. In Superman Unbound, she looks to be around 8 or 9 when she and her parents were running away from Brainiac's attacks. In the CW, she was 13 when she arrived on Earth and got her powers. There was a scene where 13 year old Kara saved a mom and a baby from a car before it exploded but she was told to hide her powers after that and rarely used it.

Lets pretend Kara had or was allow to have and use her powers at age 14. Why 14?... Because Usagi was 14 when she became Sailormoon. If Usagi was 16 when she became Sailormoon, would she still be whiny and crying?... Umm... Maybe. I don't remember how much she matured at the end of the Sailormoon story.

So who would make the better Superhero, 14 year Sailormoon or 14 year old Supergirl?

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    so sailormoon is selfish huh? let me tell you a lyric of her theme song she will never turn her back on her friends oh yeah that says selfish to me

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