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Guy I’m seeing is on the fence about moving in with me during lockdown ?

We know each other for 2 years 

We are in and off. I want something more he remains vague when I bring it up

Now because of Covid he is he one who suggested we go through lockdown together (second lockdown is happening in our country ) he said it would be a good experience (I guess to see if we are compatible or not) 

I obviously want to spend lockdown with him 

We both live alone and from a health perspective it’s no issue 

Would a guy who is only wanted casual with, agree to spending lockdown with you?

Or is he seeing this as a potential relationship? 

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    He may be considering a potential relationship, but i'm thinking it's more about getting sex.

  • Lili
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    Since we don't know him, we are really in no position to know what's going on in his head.  He may simply think that it would be more fun  (and involve more sex) if he could spend the lockdown with someone. OR, he may be genuinely curious to see how well you two manage together, how compatible you prove to be.  That could tell him whether the relationship has serious, long-term potential.

    But we just don't know, because we can't read this man's mind.

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