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Hurting me without feeling need to stop?

It is the duty of an employee to remain professional but when I'm served I often have these employees looming about screaming at me or gathering rest by complaining to the state and getting just me banned and ******* about with the opposite sex at work ignoring me without remorse and warning me copious times in advance as if I were their relative to never run into them again while I'm just being a customer and these are all Chicago businesses but why y'all wanna beat me up?

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    How many times have your fellow employees told you that you are behaving badly in some particular way, and you have ignored them?  It's like a child who is scolded by his mom or dad, and he continues to do the bad thing instead of changing his behavior.  Each time a child does the same thing wrong, his parents are going to increase the punishment, until the child realizes that changing his behavior is better than continuing to do bad things and be punished for it.  So stop acting like it's all their fault, that you aren't the problem, and you don't need to change your behavior.  

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