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What does a unattended person mean?

When someone says a person is unattended what does it mean?

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    not attended, as in no one is attending to those people.  It can be used to mean alone, like unattended at a dance (you have no "partner" so no one to make sure you are kept company) or it can mean unattended as in unsupervised (like an unattended child), or it can mean a client not being served (like an unattended customer waiting to place a food order at a fast food joint).

    The idea is that the unattended person is alone, but not simply alone, but alone and not being taken care of in any way.  Obviously, you would only use "unattended" for a lone person who can expect some sort of attention (attending).  Being alone does not necessarily mean unattended.

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    Unattended is not being offered assistance at a department store.  Unintended is a condom failure

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