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Do I have a right to be upset with him?

I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant with his son and a week ago I had blocked two girls who he was flirting with off of his Facebook, he was mad at me for it but today I got into a really bad car accident and had blood all on the left side of my face and had to go to the hospital to make sure our son was okay and that I was as well. Well when I called my boyfriend cause I had just been in a accident, he ignored all my text and calls even the one where I told him I had just been in a accident and needs him to answer. After 12 long hours of being in the hospital, when I get home and I know he clearly saw the blood on my face and arm and didn't even stop being mad at me just to ask if our son was okay. Do I have a right to be mad? And this is the 2nd night he has slept in the living room even tho I tried to ask him to sleep in our bed with I have a right to be upset or am I wrong? 

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    We all have the right to be upset with whomever we wish.  He doesn't sound much of a boyfriend.  You are living with him and you are pregnant.  He likes the sex on tap that you provide but he doesn't appear to be particularly mature enough to be a father.  He still likes the single life where he can flirt with other girls despite you being his virtual 'wife' at home.  I think you should consider very carefully whether to stay with him.  He's very cavalier about you especially after your accident.  OK you were both worried about the baby's welfare, but he doesn't seem to be very into you does he.  In your shoes I think I'd take a little break and go home to my mother to collect my thoughts and plan perhaps for a future without him.  The shock of you leaving him might bring him to his senses.

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    Wow, you sound totally irresponsible! I feel sorry for your kid. 

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    SO.... you chose to get pregnant by a man who is not reliable, not caring, immature and generally useless. You sound equally immature. So, in an age where preventing pregnancy is as easy as it has ever been, you still chose to make a child.  Your ''really bad car accident'' which apparently only kept you in hospital for ''12 long hours'' was basically a few scratches and no broken bones. I agree it is worrying when pregnant, but calling it a ''really bad car accident'' is a bit of an insult of those killed in ''really bad car accidents'' every day, but whatever.  You BOTH sound about 12, you are BOTH equally feckless and irresponsible. YOU chose to get pregnant. YOU chose a deadbeat dad, for YOUR own needs. You sound revolting, both of you. Hopefully, you will decide to have your child adopted.  Your poor kid had no choices, and no chance with you two. 

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