Why is dating so hard?

I used to never want to date, I was the most averse to relationships for the longest time because I wanted to focus on myself. Now that I have a strong sense of self and as I've seen more and more of my friends get into relationships, I've wanted one for myself so bad. I was chatting to a girl for months and hooking up and catching up and just when I was about to ask her out she friendzoned me. Ever since then I've been addicted to Tinder, chatting to a whole bunch of girls on random social media and becoming more and more sexually frustrated. Most of these girls aren't even my type and I know I can do better but it is literally just so hard to find someone who is right. I feel alone and desperate and helpless and hate being single defines me but it does. What should I do?

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    i dont know but i trusted the wrong guys . I need a guy to protect me , i dont care who. But once i get repair, and move in i want to live a simple Hardworking simple job life and keep his room clean. Dont care much else, but tat. he has to be my ONLY family, and for some time my Only close enuf friend. too embaressing, I am proud of myself, so keep saying that. i really dont want anything to do with old family. they will get impress eventually my new simple life and he protect me. but without risk or option, i will be  in same quicksand.


    like i wish i could be pretty with repair and be with u. I would value you. But u probally would not  ;[ im humble.

    anyways tc.

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