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Ok so my friend E married her friend R (hes in the air force) for benefits and they recently got in a big fight and he stopped talking to her. My question is, does he need to give her half the extra money he receives cause of the benefits when marrying her or not? My friend E asked R for some money and he hasnt replied back at all. But hes been on social media, etc. what can she do? Hes being very unfair.. 


Just to let you guys know, IT IS NOT her husband. Its her gay bestfriend. She isnt sponging off anyone, she did it cause she felt bad he was struggling. And now karma got the best of her. 

Update 2:

And HE kicked her out and get himself anew roommate. Ontop of that, she had to move bk to her hometown cause she has 0 family members. She lives with our friend now.. 

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    First thing the Army and the Air Force are NOT the same, two different branches. What extra money he gets when he is married? Contrary to belief there isn’t all this extra pay when you get married. Housing allowance or BAH is to pay rent/mortgage.  He can get it whether single or married. The difference between them is about $200-300 a month. That is IT. If he is in a place and she isn’t there then that’s on him. 

    She should have an ID card, be able to use the base/post facilities and have medical insurance.  If they got married for the benefits then that was stupid. 

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    wow what a piece of work your friend is, sponging of her husband, tell her to get a job and earn her own money, how lazy can you get.

    you say he's being unfair, your friend is a bltch.

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    Technically she is his half partner in all he earns.  They both sound like total idiots if hey did this just to scam a few dollars because it's going to cost more than a few dollars to get out of it if they decided to fight each other.  She should get a lawyer and negotiate an end to the sham.   If he is smart he already has one.  But probably not because if he were smart he would have a prenup.  And he is not being unfair.  They are both idiots who are too stupid and immature to consider themselves adults

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