Why can powerlines only be plugged in directly?

I am talking about the technology that extends wired (ethernet) internet connection to every room. 

I was told that they can only be plugged into the mains directly, NOT to be plugged in an extension lead that's plugged into the mains? 

I ask because the sockets for the mains is flush to the ground, and I cannot use the plugs directly because of the way they are made. 

Will I have to get an electrician in to move the sockets up a bit?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Powerline Ethernet extenders should still work if plugged into an extension lead. It will NOT work as well - maybe not at all -  if the extension lead includes any kind of surge protection. Why not try it. You have nothing to lose by trying.

    With any Ethernet connection, it is best to minimise the number of connectors the signal has to pass through. I believe they can cause reflections that interfere with the data stream but I don't pretend to fully understand.

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