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"Thanks for listening to everything I just said." Or "Thanks for listening to everything I have just said."?

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    Both work.  simple past versus present perfect.  For me, I would prefer "I have JUST said" (I've just said), but if there is no just (not talking about the very immediate past), then "I said" (generic past).  However, simple past (I just said) is also quite correct because the event finished in the past.

    There is very little difference between "I just ate" and "I've just eaten". The idea of "have just eaten" is that the eating ended so soon to now that now is basically the same thing (thus present perfect, from the past until now, is acceptable).  In fact, you might even say "Everything I've said just now", as a variant, an option to say the basic same thing as the two ways you have given.

    You can use either tense though. simple past pretends that the event is completely in the past, and past perfect pretends that it happened right up until now.  The difference between the two is trivial when we are talking a matter of seconds.  Heck, as soon as you open your mouth to speak, the thing is really in the past and not now anymore, so we wouldn't ever even use past perfect for such things if we couldn't ignore a few seconds.  Yet we do, because we can think of "Now" as extending into the past for a short time.


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    Either is fine. The insertion of have in the second does not affect meaning or correctness.

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    Both would be correct but the first sentence is more normal and natural. Adding the word 'have' adds no meaning and just makes it sound awkward.

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