How do humans compete without hurting each other?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Humans evolved originally to be promiscuous, meaning both men and women have multiple sex partners. In such a situation, there is 2 different ways to compete to see who will leave descendants. One way is male-male competition. Instead of fighting for the right to mate, human males have evolved the longest penis of any primate. A long penis enables its owner to put sperm much closer to the uterus than sperm that is already there. Another way to compete is to have a penis head that is shaped so that it can remove sperms from the female body. That is exactly why the human penis head is shaped the way it is. Such competition does not hurt other people. That is important because if males fight to have the right to mate, then the losers may not want to stick around to help defend the winner when a lion or a hyena attacks him. Male humans bonded with each other to form social groups to survive on the African savanna. They therefore could not fight each other over women. As a result they competed in a less obvious way, by evolving a longer penis Some people call this a war of the penis. It is a war that does not result in any casualties to adult humans. 

  • 1 month ago

    Depends on the sort of competition. I remember Joe Theismann (ace quarterback) taking a hit,,he never played another down of football. sad.

    Yea, hurt is possible in active sports.

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    other competition, eg, who has the flashiest car, makes the most money, has best hairdo. 

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