What is a good training ground practise for helping your playmaker run through the opposing midfield and defence?

Here is another way you can help make your playmaker look like Maradona.

As your playmaker requires your help with this one, it is something you will have to practise on the training ground and just do whatever your playmaker instructs you to do.

The idea is, that two central forwards are going to stand between you, and the Central defender marking them.

During this practise, the strikers "are not" going to peal off the defenders.

But it is not just the strikers involved in this.

All other forward players are going to also make sure they keep themselves between the player marking them, and you.

Whenever one of their players goes to challenge you, without obstructing the player, your teammate is to go with the player, and make sure he remains between him, and you, and you are simply going to run between your players that have the opposition players on the wrong side of them.

Now two of your players are going to begin running towards goal eitherside of you, with both the opposition players on the wrong side of them.

now by this time you should be running directly in to the opponents box and suddenly "mass panic" is happening with the two central defenders that need to "go round" your strikers to get to you.

Hopefully the defender will get so mad that he will actually "push" your striker to the ground with an angry yell of "get out of the blinkin way", and that, is a penalty and red card.

Under no circumstance should your team mates "obstruct" the defenders however.


Other sub move opportunities now open up aswell.

As you enter the box and all opposition players get sucked in, on ene of your players "can" actually suddenly peal off to left or right and you simply play them through one on one.

Or you can suddenly change direction and start running around the defenders, with one of your players running at 10 o'clock right next to you and when a defender try's to go around the man running with you to get to you, you simply cut inside.

Update 2:

It;s a kind of magic

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    Good training practice? 5 on 2 drills. Goalkeeper, 2 centre halfs, 2 centre midfielders v 2 midfielders. Repeat Repeat Repeat and a good coach will guide the players.

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