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Is it unattractive to be self-deprecating at times or show insecurity?

My friends tell me that I work hard and some have said that I'm inspirational because I work hard. However, I have a bit of depression that I'm dealing with. I self-deprecate sometimes and it shows. Frequently I'll say something negative to "humble" myself. i.e) "I don't know anything but" Could I be seen as having an unattractive as personality?

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    To be honest, I like humble men who pretend to know nothing, but they know a lot more that their peers. That shows how they disagree with arrogance and how they always try hard to boost their skills.

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    Most people do not find a bit of self-deprecation to be unattractive. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yes it is unattractive. Never put yourself down. Even as a joke. Remember that you're better than that. There are other ways to joke without making yourself look like a fool. 

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    You need to accept and be good to you. Stop self deprecating yourself. It might not make you unattractive but it may sound pity and sympathetic though. I might get angry and annoyed if a person who inspires many says that to me

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