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would you feel bad for a racist who becomes bedridden in his or her later life ? do you think he /she deserved it for being racist?

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    I am a Christian Love God with all your heart, Love your neighbor as yourself Love your enemies  Karma is the opposite of what Jesus Christ taught. 

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    I'd like to think that I would feel sorry for him or her.  Isn't there already hate and bitterness enough in the world, that no one should spare a moment to feel sorry for someone else's misfortune?

    Don't get me wrong.  I'm no saint, and at times I do have trouble empathizing with anyone who has hurt me, who has suffered later, whether from illness, losing a loved one, etc.  But I'm not proud of being unable to feel sorry for someone or anyone, who is about to die alone in prison, or has become bedridden or any other misfortune.  After all, Jesus died for horrible people too. 

    I'm no racist, and with all my heart I want to see America put racism in its past forever.  But if I can't feel sorry for the bedridden racist, or the jailed politician or the druggie who got run over while he or she was high as a kite, then that's MY problem.  As Jesus Christ died for me, He also died for people I don't like.  As He had compassion on people who were grieving, sick, bedridden or simply burdened with guilt over their sins, so should I.  And I pray that He will soften my heart, that I will feel sorry even for racists or anyone else, no matter what they might have done.

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    I generally don't feel bad for people because my feeling bad doesn't accomplish anything.

    Whether or not I'd think about someone deserving it would only come into play if, in your example, his racism had something to do with him becoming bedridden.

    Also, the term "later in life" is ambiguous.  

    Now that you know what I think about this, how is it going to help you decide what to have for dinner tomorrow?

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    It's the principal of karma.

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