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Will a civil war break out in the US if Trump plays with loopholes in some states that give an opening for electors to go against state vote?

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    The Democrat Polls are all false.  There is no comparison between Biden and Trump.  Trump's accomplishments far out weigh anything Biden has ever done.  33.1 % GDP growth is exports, increased spending in food and healthcare and rising inventories.  President Trump propped up an economy and told people to go  back to work at the very best time.  To lock down an economy would destroy the American people and President Trump was smart enough to realize that.  Biden doesn't realize that even now.  Until the vaccine arrives the American people will suffer and some even after that for awhile, but we are coming through this.  Be hopeful and vote for President Trump because he'll make the future a lot better than Biden.

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    @no chance - each state's constitution is different and some allow a governor or legislator to pick.

  • donnie
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    No the liberals might try and start kne 

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    That's just silly talk. 

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    No just a lot of hooting and hollering. Anyway, I don’t think any of the governors or legislatures will go there.

  • Sorry Snowflake, the electoral college is the law of the land

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