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Why did Yahoo Answers put the little levels back beside the answers ?

Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like they went away for a little bit and now they are back. Why did they even put them up? I’m just curious not trying to be rude to who ever keeps reporting me 


Anyone anything at all

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    ONLY the programmers know. The users here have no control over those things and Yahoo/Verizon does not share their reasoning with us.


    Your question belongs in Yahoo Products>Yahoo Answers as it's currently in Yahoo Products>My Yahoo and not applicable to this subcategory (and thus decreases your chances of getting many useful answers).

    Moving your question can be done by clicking Edit (pencil icon for mobile)>Edit category just beneath your question, then selecting the category that's appropriate for the topic.

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    2 months ago

    KC in memory, now back to that new thick black cable issue?

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