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donnie asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 1 month ago

Why is it okay to still be counting ballots well after election night ?

You wanted to mail in ballots now YOU figure it out. Let us figure it out and we will throw them all out because you already threw a lot of them out yourselves so I would say it’s not election fraud at this point it’s fair game. Now I would never tamper with someone’s ballot but it angers me how Democrats like to start problems the majority of America doesn’t want and then feels entitled that everyone is going to fix it when it turns into a problem. Like no figure it out yourselves 



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    They just have to be counted before the electors vote, not that same night.  Besides, we all know that Florida takes a while to count due to people named Chad hanging around.  

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Because election night is when voting stops, not when counting stops.  We want all legally cast ballots to be counted.  And if that takes beyond election night then that's fine.  Ballots are never all counted on election night.  Normally in a presidential race that doesn't make a difference because absentee ballots are a comparatively small part of the race and they don't change things.  This year might be different because of covid.  Other races also sometimes take longer than election night to find out a winner, even in a normal year when absentee ballots aren't as prevalent. 

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